Hansei University

Hansei University, a 4-year university that represents the capital area, was established in 1953 by the Full Gospel Seminary that began its mission of the evangelism of the nation and the world. Based on the philosophy of Hansei University, which was righteousness, truth, and love, ‘Hansei Vision 2020’ was established for the holistic education with both Christian faith and Christian studies.

The university is operating a specialized education program with the 4-core competencies of global ability, problem solution, communication, and sharing, to raise up servant-hearted experts who lead changes and communicate with the world under the slogan, ‘New Dream, New Hansei’.

Bethesda University

In 1976, Rev. Yonggi Cho founded Bethesda Theological School in Pasadena, California, USA to raise church leaders for world evangelism. After moving to Anaheim in 1995, it was the first U.S. based Korean seminary to be accredited by the ABHE (an association of theological schools called Association for Biblical Higher Education), and renamed Bethesda University, with the purpose of developing it into a university.

The university is focusing its energy on developing and training outstanding individuals in each field, and it was approved by USDE (U.S Department of Education), CHEA (Credited Higher Education Association), and ABHE (the Association for Biblical Higher Education) in Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology, and Ph.D of Pastoral Theology. It was also approved by TRACS (The Ratification Association of Christian School) in bachelor’s and master’s degree in music, preschool education, business administration, including the theological degree course. It was acknowledged as a prestigious university in America both nominally and virtually.

The school also provides an online degree through programs such as the bachelor’s and master’s degree in Theology as well as Business Administration along with the doctorate degree in Pastoral Theology. In addition to this, there are also certificate courses provided for people who want to become teachers and principals in the field of early childhood education along with the ESL program. Bethesda athletic department has joined the NCCAA, the National Christian College Association of America, and currently has soccer, baseball, basketball, and track teams.

Bethesda University is committed to training and educating their valuable servants of God through excellent faculties based on Bible-centered education and practical theology in accordance with Pentecostal theology.