Good People (UN ECOSOC Special Consultative Status International NGO)

Good People, an International Relief Development NGO, is an organization that was established in 1999 in order to let the world know the reality of global neighbors who are exposed to life-threatening dangers such as poverty, diseases, and disasters due to their social alienation. They also provide them systemic and professional help that transcends borders, praying that each person’s act of sharing will allow their hopes to become a reality. For this reason, Good People actively carries out diverse ministries: development of marginalized areas, eradication of poverty, child protection, education, disease prevention and treatment, emergency relief, and one-to-one sisterhood relationship with children, especially in domestic and overseas areas where minority groups live without the civilization or government protection.

Yoido Good People Welfare Center

Yoido Good People Welfare Center is a place where geriatric patients and incurable patients find comfort, hope, and happiness. Through daily worship service, this center provides heartfelt care in the best facilities, helping them with spiritual maturity and providing them with various kinds of services concerning medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, culture, leisure, emotional condition, and nutrition.