Regular Service

Yoido Full Gospel Church has 7 services starting from 7:00 am every Sunday.

The Bible exposition service is held on Wednesday, the Holy Spirit service on Friday, and a morning service on Saturday. For the regular services, simultaneous interpretations are provided in English, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages.

Twelve Basket Early Morning Prayer Meeting for New Year Blessing

Twelve Basket Early Morning Prayer Meeting started in 2009 in the form of a special early morning prayer gathering for 12 days, twice a year in January and June, so that church members can live a victorious life, armed with the word and prayer and clothed with spiritual power for the new year.

Since 2010, the first twelve days of every year have been dedicated to God under the title of “Twelve Basket Early Morning Prayer Meeting for New Year Blessing.”

Each meeting consists of a systematic, grace-filled sermon by the senior pastor, earnest prayer, and laying hands on believers by pastors for prayer.
The main sanctuary along with the overflow rooms are packed with believers during these prayer meetings, and many other believers participate in the meetings through the satellite broadcasting system in regional chapels, prayer chapels, and even abroad. The believers receive the blessing of answered prayer and also strengthen the spirituality of their prayer lives.

Friday Night Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting

During a Friday Night Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting, one can experience the embodiment of the Full Gospel faith, which acknowledges, relies on, and walks with the Holy Spirit. Every Friday night this prayer meeting begins with spirit-filled songs, and the meeting continues with a sermon and unison prayer until the next morning.

At every meeting, believers experience the Holy Spirit, receive healing and answered prayers, and praise the living and powerful God. When visiting Korea, Christians from all around the world make it a priority to attend the Friday Night Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting as a must-see during their visit to Korea.

Cell Group Service

Inspired by Exodus 18:21-22, Yoido Full Gospel Church started a cell group system in 1964. A cell group is a church within a church that grows without limit. The cell system began with 20 cells, and by December 2009 there were 15,343 cell groups in Yoido Full Gospel Church. It continues to grow even after 20 disciple churches were given independence along with their 7,268 cells in January 2010. As of October 2017, the number of cells has grown to 10,221.

For a cell group to grow, the three Ms should be in harmony: a Man prepared, a Message filled with faith, and a Method that is right. Many churches here in Korea and abroad bear remarkable fruit employing the cell system of Yoido Full Gospel Church.

Mizpah All Night Prayer Meeting

The Mizpah All Night Prayer Meeting continues the tradition of all night unison prayer, which has been the distinctive characteristic of Yoido Full Gospel Church since its early days. The Mizpah All Night Prayer Meeting is a 7 hour unison prayer meeting for all members that starts at 9 pm Friday night and continues until 4 am the next morning.

All the members of Yoido Full Gospel Church gather together with one heart and one will at the Mizpah All Night Prayer Meeting to seek God, repent, and pray for the country, the Korean church, Yoido Full Gospel Church, and for the problems in their families and their personal lives.
Mizpah All Night Prayer Meeting is a prayer program where all the members receive answers from God and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, restore one’s spirituality, and strengthen a sense of community.

Full Gospel Education

The purpose of Full Gospel Education is to encourage the next generation to grow to be a “little Jesus” so that they may obey the calling of God for the church and the world and live a life of the Fivefold Gospel and the Threefold Blessing. Its goal is also to mature them in order to be disciples to the word, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and devote themselves to the great commission, being deeply moved in worship.

CAM Youth Mission

Cam Youth Mission consists of Pneuma (the Holy Spirit: 19 to 25 years old), Gospel (Good News: 26 to 31 years old), Charis (Grace: more than 31 years old), and CAM campus mission (more than 50 campus missions). Acting Cam Youth Mission, which is an energetic and powerful gathering of young people writing the 29th chapter of Acts, pursues the worship of God’s kingdom, raises life-transformed disciples, and delegates the youth to the world and nations.

In addition, as Christ’s Ambassadors, its vision is to realize the righteousness of God and to expand the kingdom of God to the nations and the world through the Pentecostal Holy Spirit movement in 8 areas of society such as religion, economics, diplomacy, media, culture, art, medicine, and education. Acting Cam Youth Mission annually holds ‘The Holy Spirit’ national youth rally, and practices ‘World Mission’, a short-term overseas missionary work, which helps them live like a missionary through the Pentecostal Spirituality and the faith of Full Gospel. It also carries out ‘Revival Korea’, a short term domestic mission, which contributes to the evangelism and revival of the domestic dependent churches and pioneer churches. Cam You Mission opens a new horizon of youth subframe which encourages all its members to pray fervently in the Holy Spirit, establishes upright mission examples and leadership models, and nurtures them with a spirituality of waking up at dawn, so that many more youth may be sent effectively into Korea and the world.

※ Services are held during the 5th Sunday service at 2:40PM in the Main Sanctuary and also the 2nd early morning prayer service at 6:00AM on the 11th floor in the Second Education Building.

Adult subframe

Adult subframe Division is a community of faith that represents the 30s to 40s generation who worship together and fellowship in a community of love. Adult subframe Division focuses on restoring the faith of families through the 1 o’clock Sunday service through powerful praise, sermons, and intensified prayer and also plays a bridge-making role that connects faith from generation to generation through short-term missionary work, various training and small group fellowship.

※ Adult subframe Sunday service is held at Paul Chapel in the 1st basement of the main sanctuary at 1 pm on Sunday.