Senior Pastor of YFGC, Pastor Lee was born in Seoul as the second oldest of four sons and one daughter of the late elder Kyeongsun Lee (1978~1979 President of elders of the church). He attended YFGC’s Sunday school since his childhood. He majored in Theology at Yonsei University and United Graduate School of Theology Yonsei University. He also graduated from Hansei Theology Seminary and had a master’s degree at Westminster University. He also received a PhD degree on Religion and Philosophy at Temple University in U.S. Along with that he served as the senior pastor at Washington Full Gospel Church, Tokyo Full Gospel church, and LA Full Gospel Church, and as a curate at Department of Human Resources of YFGC. Not only that but he also worked as the President of Tokyo Full Gospel Theology Seminary and Bethesda University, as the director of Full Gospel Educational Research Institute and Institute of Church Growth.

In early 90s when he was the President of Institute of Church Growth, he assisted Pastor Cho with his abundant theological knowledge. When Pastor Cho’s ‘Threefold Blessing’ and Holy Spirit Movement were misunderstood as a cult, he vindicated for him with the theological argument. It is not too much to say that he made Full Gospel Church as one of the main denomination of Korean churches.

Pastor Lee and his wife, Inja Baek (prev. Hansei University Computer Engineering Professor) has the only daughter.

Ministerial Mind

Senior Pastor Young Hoon Lee has been preaching upon the cross of Jesus Christ and focusing on Fivefold Gospel and Threfold Blessing. It is highly expected that he will take over and develop the Theology and the ministry of Pastor Yonggi Cho at YFGC.


Senior Pastor Young Hoon Lee has won reputation inside and outside of the church with his gentle personality. One church member said that “He is a passionate theologian and a logical man. Elders also like his gentle personality, and he is very talented in many aspects and is fluent in English and Japanese as well.”


Literary work :
‘The Holy Spirit Movement in Korea’, ‘Pleases God Church, ‘Jesus, our Joy’, ‘Discipleship’, ‘Jesus Christ, The Hope of Glory’, ‘Do everything in love’, ‘Christ lives in me’, ‘The Cross Faith Full Gospel roots’, ‘Mentors of my life’, ‘Way of Spiritual Growth’

Translated :
‘Brownsville Church Pensacola scene of the miracle, 'The Holiness- Pentecostal Tradition: Charismatic Movements in the Twentieth Century', 'The beginning of the end'

Academic Background

ㆍ Yonsei University Th.B
ㆍ Hansei University BA
ㆍ United Graduate School of Theology Yonsei University Th.M
ㆍ Westminster University Theology Seminary Th.M
ㆍ Temple University M.A and Ph.D


ㆍ Professor of Hansei University and Head of Planning and Research Department
ㆍ Lecturer of Full Gospel Theological Seminary
ㆍ Theology Committee of National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK)
ㆍ Chancellor of Bethesda University
ㆍ Dean of Japan Full Gospel Theology Seminary
ㆍ Committee of Asia Pacific Theological Association
ㆍ CEO of Institute of Church Growth Research
ㆍ Former Senior Pastor of Washington Full Gospel Church, Tokyo Full Gospel Church and Los Angeles Full Gospel Church
ㆍ Co-president of the Christian Council of Korea
ㆍ Chairman of National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK)
ㆍ Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church (Present)
ㆍ Chairman of Assemblies of God of Korea (Present)
ㆍ Co-President of Korean Diakonia
ㆍ CEO of Good People Corp.
ㆍ CEO of Full Gospel World Mission Inc.
ㆍ Chairman of Committee for Homeless in the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK)