Osanri Choi Jasil Memorial Fasting Prayer Mountain

Osanri Choi Jashil Memorial Fasting Prayer Mountain was founded in 1973 as a prayer mountain for all denominations.

The main sanctuary accommodates 6,000 and there are 12 chapels in which up to 20,000 people can attend worship services simultaneously in. There is the modern-styled lodge "House of Love", 214 individual prayer grottos, and various general welfare facilities.

The prayer mountain has 4 worship services daily. There are also special services and crusades held with speakers from all denominations every Monday through Saturday. There have been over 1,512 speakers who have led the services. Many believers visit the prayer mountain even if they are from different denominations.

Over 20,000 international believers and visitors have come to seek God and pray earnestly, and their numbers continue to increase each year.

Each year over 20,000 international believers and visitors come and pray earnestly, and the number of international visitors is increasing continually.

• Free Shuttle Bus Transportation Daily

Yoido to Prayer Mountain (free shuttle bus) Prayer Mountain to Yoido (free shuttle bus)
07:00 08:30
08:30 10:30
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• Location
187-5 Osanri, Jorimyun Pajucity Kyunggido, South Korea