Osanri Choi Ja-sil Memorial Fasting Prayer Mountain is about one hour north of Seoul.
It was established in 1973 to provide a secluded place of prayer and fasting for those desiring to be alone with God. Over 200 individual prayer rooms are available for 24-hour prayer. It has several chapels and services everyday.
Seminars and retreats are also held here. It can accommodate in guests either Korean or western-style sleeping facilities.
A Cafeteria is available if needed. There is also a free shuttle bus transportation daily
Free Shuttle Bus 1. Yoido to Prayer Mt. : 7:00 am ~ 7:30 pm (every one hour / free shuttle bus)
2. Prayer Mt. to Yoido : 7:20 am ~ 9:00 pm (every one hour / free shuttle bus)
Location 187-5 Osanri, Jori myun Paju city Kyunggido, South Korea
Int'l Phone No.
Homepage http://prayer.fgtv.com/