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-1958 Graduated from the Full Gospel Theological Seminary (now: Hansei Univ.)
-1968 United States of America Bethany Bible Theology Dr. Honor
-1989 United States of America, Oral Roberts University Honorary Doctor of Ministry Commencement
-1990 United States of America, the Regents University Honorary Doctor of Divinity
-1958 Senior Pastor of YFGC, Emeritus Pastor (2008.5-)
-1966~1978 The Assemblies of God for the Christians, President
-1976 Institute of Church Growth International (CGI), CEO
-1982 Full Gospel World Mission, CEO
-1986 CEO of Social Welfare Corporation Elim Welfare Foundation
-1986~2001 Chairman of Hansei University Foundation
-1988~2007 Kookmin Newspaper, Chairman and President
The Chairman of managing board of directors (1998~2007.4)
-1989 Consultant of the Christian Council of Korea, Honorary President (2006-)
-1992~2000 President of World Assemblies of God
-1994 President of Korea Christian Leaders Association, Co-President, Senior Advisor
-1999 Chairman of Corporation Good People (N.G.O)
-2000 President of DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission)
-2004 Agape Christian Prison Foundation, Adviser Representative
-2008 Chairman of Young San Yonggi Cho Charity Foundation
-2010 Representative of Birth Encouraging Campaign
-2010 Chairman and Publisher of Kookmin Newspaper
  [Five Fold Gospel and Threefold Blessing], [Spiritual Leadership for the new Millennium],
and 325 other books in Korean
[The Fourth Dimension] and 49 other books in English and 247 Korean version.
[How Hast Sick], [The Way Lived in My Entire Life] and wrote lyrics of 30 pieces of hymn songs and chorus
-1982.12.11 Presidential Citation (Ministry of Government)- Building and funding Holt school and welfare programs for children with disabilities
-1994.10.27 The Red Cross Blood Donation merit, brass(the Red Cross)
-1995.1.23 1st Gold Medal Award (Council for Christian Environment hall)
-1996.5.5 Director National Medal Mugunghwajang (Ministry of Health and Welfare) Surgical Operation Support for heart disease children, and charity for child headed family
-1999.12.23 Korea Church Leaders Award (Korea Christian Newspaper Association)
-2005.5.18 The Family of Man Medallion Award the Family Of Man (New York, USA Christian Church Council)
-2005.9.12 The 11th Yujip Award Evangelism grand prize (Yujip Changwon Park Commemoration Service Society)
-2007.1.13 Proud Koreans certificate awarded (Federal Parliament)